Why Associated?

With over 60 years of experience our goals are very clear. We are in the assessment business full time, providing our clients with professional and reliable service. We are proud to serve communities throughout Wisconsin and we will continue to provide the best mass appraisal services available.

Appraising Property, Not People

Our firm considers property, not people, when establishing assessed values. We leave out the affordability factor when setting our values. We review property without the influence of friends, neighbors and enemies. Our only intent is to establish true market values.

Experience & Training

Our appraisers not only have their own education and experience as a foundation, but also draw upon the collective knowledge of the entire team. Our firm has been in the municipal mass appraisal business for over 60 years. All members of our customer service staff are certified by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue as Assessment Technicians, and all project managers are certified Level II Assessors.

Immunity to Pressures

We as the “outside assessor” are independent of local creditors and business influence. We do not run for public office, therefore we are not seeking constituents’ votes. We have the freedom to establish values as the market dictates, without a concern for public pressures.

Accepted, Standard, & Proven Methodology

We utilize industry standard methodology to determine values. We are highly skilled at incorporating the cost approach, market approach and income approach in our valuation models. We abide by the standards set in the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Assessors’ Manual Volume II, and The Marshall and Swift Cost Guides. The market approach is our primary method of valuation when adequate sales data is available.

Customer Inquiries

When taxpayers need questions answered, we have a large staff of highly trained technicians ready with the answer. Municipal officials are spared the task of researching and answering the endless stream of technical questions from property owners.

Customer / Public Access

Our courteous and professional staff is experienced at handling all types of inquires from municipalities, taxpayers, realtors and financial institutions. Our records are public, and are easily available through the Internet, e-mail, fax or phone. Our website offers municipalities and property owners access to their information at any time day or night. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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