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Our Reputation Sets Us Apart for Municipal Revaluation Assessments

Associated Appraisal Consultants (AAC) has been providing municipal revaluation assessment services and more in Wisconsin since 1959. We serve hundreds of communities — from the largest cities to the smallest towns. We’ve become the largest because of our reputation of delivering quality customer service and assessment work that is fair, accurate, and ethical.

AAC Helps You Choose the Right Property Tax Revaluation Service

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Before starting any work, we partner with each municipality to understand your goals and determine the best type of revaluation assessment to help you meet them, including intermarket, exterior inspections or full inspections. Our contract details the duties we will perform — from onsite data collection or analysis to sending assessment notices to all property owners and helping with the appeal process.

Each year we’ll re-evaluate the contract as your municipality’s needs change. If you’re not sure what’s best or what services are in your contract, just contact us to talk to our knowledgeable and courteous staff.

What is Revaluation and How Does it Differ from Annual Maintenance

We offer two types of assessment services – revaluation and annual maintenance. Annual maintenance requires an assessor to determine a value for properties that are new or have changed significantly in the past year. In contrast, revaluation reviews all taxable property in a community to establish current market value and help ensure fair and equitable tax distribution.

State law requires each municipality to assess all major classes of property within 10% of full value in the same year, at least once in a five-year period. If a municipality doesn’t perform a timely revaluation, the Department of Revenue will take responsibility for the revaluation requiring more time and resources at a higher cost for the municipality.

Revaluations can take place at any time, as not all require an onsite inspection. Assessment notices are sent to all property owners within a community even if their assessment hasn’t changed. Property owners can appeal an assessment change at Open Book and Board of Review meetings.

Intermarket Revaluations Don’t Require Onsite Inspections

An intermarket revaluation is an option for a municipality if there are quality property and assessment records in place. This type of revaluation doesn’t require onsite inspections. Our certified assessors use the latest market data and industry standard methodologies to determine current property values.

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Exterior Revaluations Only Require Exterior Inspections

As its name implies, an exterior revaluation only requires an onsite exterior inspection of a property. AAC handles sending notices to property owners and the inspections themselves. Property owners don’t have to be present during the inspection, which provides a simple and effective way to update property records.

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Full Revaluations Include Interior Inspections

A full revaluation includes an exterior and interior inspection of all properties. This type of revaluation can be costly because of the amount of time and resources required to conduct interior inspections of all properties. Interior inspections result in a better-quality assessment but aren’t always possible because of property owner permissions and availability. They usually also lead to more questions from owners than other types of revaluations.

AAC handles sending notices to property owners and the inspections themselves, which can take place at any time of the year.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Property Revaluations

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How do I direct a property owner who received a green tag?

Let the property owner know that your municipality contracted with AAC to perform a revaluation to update all local property values to full market value. If the tag indicates the owner needs to schedule an appointment with AAC, please encourage them to do that as soon as possible.

Because a revaluation is taking place in your community, the owner will receive an assessment notice even if their property value doesn’t change. They will have an opportunity to appeal the decision at Open Book and Board of Review sessions.

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Where can I direct other property owner questions?

We’ve provided some common FAQs below that you may receive from property owners. You can also encourage them to check out our website anytime day or night, which includes pages designed for them. But if they still have questions, you can have them contact us. We’re here to help them and you!

Here are some common FAQs you may receive from property owners:

Wisconsin law requires that property assessments be based on fair market value, which is the price a typical buyer would pay for it. Factors such as the property size, construction type, age, amenities, location and condition can affect its value. Your property tax bill is based on the assessed value and the tax rate set by your district.

Municipalities hire AAC to perform mass appraisal or mass assessment services on their behalf. The advantage of the mass appraisal process is that it produces uniform and consistent appraisal values, which helps to ensure fair and equitable tax distribution.

For other questions or more information, please see the Property Owners – How is my property assessed? page.

Please let the owner know that AAC was contracted to provide assessment services which include an inspection of their property. They don’t have to allow us inside, but it’s the best way to ensure an accurate assessment. They’ll know it’s AAC if they see our logo, which is clearly shown on the assessor’s clothing or vehicle.

For other questions or more information, please see the Property Owners – What rights do I have? page.

Wisconsin state law requires that a notice be sent to a property owner for any change in the assessed value of their property. Municipalities hire AAC to perform mass appraisal or mass assessment services on their behalf. The advantage of the mass appraisal process is that it produces uniform and consistent appraisal values, which helps to ensure fair and equitable tax distribution.

The notice also includes information about how to appeal the change.

For other questions or more information, please see Property Owner – I’ve been assessed. Now what? page.

Please let the property owner know that AAC is available to answer questions about property tax assessment. Our website has an entire section dedicated to helping them better understand the assessment process, but if they have other questions, they can contact us to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members.

Timeline for Revaluation Mass Appraisal Services

While exact dates vary each year, revaluation assessments generally follow the timeline below.
You can expect to receive the most questions from property owners when onsite inspections are taking place or when assessment notices are sent to all property owners.

October – July:

AAC conducts onsite inspections depending upon the type of revaluation a community has ordered. (See above to learn about the differences between intermarket, exterior and full revaluations.)

July – August:

Notices are sent to all property owners in a municipality, even if their value doesn’t change.

August – September:

Property owners can attend Open Book and Board of Review meetings to question assessments or make a formal assessment appeal.

Our records are public and are easily available through the internet or email. Contact us for assistance or to enter into a contract for your municipal revaluation assessment needs.

Our Experienced Staff Can Handle All Types of Property Revaluations and Questions

Customer Service

We answer phone calls and take the time to answer questions from municipalities and property owners


We’ve been providing assessment services for Wisconsin municipalities for more than 60 years. Our staff is trained, certified and helpful.


We are known to care deeply about equitable tax distribution, so our team is passionate about the work being completed correctly and efficiently.