Who is Associated Appraisal?

Associated Appraisal was founded in April of 1959, focusing on providing property tax assessment services to Wisconsin municipalities. Our new corporate office is located in Greenville, Wisconsin. We feel we are able to provide our clients with the local services they deserve and expect.

Serving Municipalities

Associated Appraisal is the first choice for municipalities throughout Wisconsin, in determining the current market value of all taxable property in a municipality!

Find out how we can help your municipality.

Serving Property Owners

Use our suite of Property Owners Tools, found here on our website, including Property Value ReviewProperty Owners FAQs, Sale Questionaire, and much more.

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Property Search

Use our convenient online tool to view property appraisal reports from thousands of records.

If you can not find the record you are searching for, please email us the request and we will send it to you before the end of the business day.

Did you Receive a Green Door Hanger?

If you found one of our green door hangers on your door, it's time to call our office. Please contact our office to verify all interior information.

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