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Our Goal is to Provide the Best Municipal Assessor Services

Associated Appraisal Consultants (AAC) is Wisconsin’s largest mass assessment firm because of our reputation of providing municipalities with the highest standard of assessment services. We do so by following sound assessing methodology and developing municipal equity without bias. We also offer educational resources to inform municipalities and property owners about the assessment process.

We have more than 60 years of experience providing municipalities with excellent customer service. Learn why more than 265 communities trust us to be their municipal assessor.

The Right Partner for Property Assessment Services

Whether you’re a large city or a small town, we partner with you to understand your goals and the level of property assessment services you need. We have the experience and size to be able to handle all needs, including everything from conducting onsite property inspections to helping with the appeals process and sending data to the Department of Revenue.

Our staff is state-certified and has some of the industry’s best training and resources. This allows us to accomplish complex appraisal assignments while complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Our goal is the same as yours: to help ensure fair and equitable tax distribution. We also take the time to answer questions, including from property owners, so you don’t have to.

It’s important that any contract between a municipality and assessor details the services needed and the desired level of service. If you’re currently a client and not sure what services are in your contract, just contact us to connect with our knowledgeable
and courteous staff.

Annual Maintenance Assessments for New or Changed Properties

Wisconsin law requires that every year an assessor must determine a value for properties that are new or have significantly changed. The annual maintenance assessment process usually starts in October with onsite property inspections.

For each change in the assessed value, a notice must be sent to the property owner prior to the scheduled Open Book meeting. Property owners can appeal the assessment changes at the Open Book and Board of Review meetings. To learn more, see the Municipalities – Revaluation Services page.

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Revaluation Assessments Establish Current Market Value for All Taxable Property

While annual maintenance assessments are required every year for new properties or those with significant changes, revaluation assessments occur periodically as the market fluctuates to review all taxable property in a community. The goal is to establish current market value and help ensure fair and equitable tax distribution, which is also required by law.

Revaluations can take place at any time, as not all require an onsite inspection. Assessment notices are sent to all property owners within a community even if their assessment hasn’t changed. Property owners can appeal an assessment change at Open Book and Board of Review meetings. To learn more, see the Municipalities – Annual Maintenance Services page.

AAC Has Provided Mass Appraisal Services in WI Since 1959

Associated Appraisal was founded in 1959, providing our clients with professional and reliable results and service. We are proud to serve communities throughout Wisconsin and will continue to provide the best mass appraisal services available. Our staff members are courteous, certified and draw upon the collective knowledge of the entire team. To learn more, see our About Us page.

We’re the Largest Provider of Property Assessment Services in the State

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Community Trust

More than 265 Wisconsin communities have chosen us to be their municipal assessor because of our long-standing reputation.

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Customer service

Our courteous and professional staff is experienced and takes the time to answer inquiries from municipalities, taxpayers, realtors and financial institutions.

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Easy-to-Access Records

Our records are public and easily available through the internet or email. Our website offers municipalities and property owners access to their information at any time day or night.


As the “outside assessor” we aren’t influenced by local biases or public pressures. We appraise property, not people.

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Industry innovators

We’re always looking for a better way to do things and provide even better service to everyone we work with including municipalities, property owners/taxpayers, realtors, financial institutions, county governments and the Department of Revenue.

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We care as much as you do about achieving state equalized value and fair and equitable tax distribution. Our goal is that all work be completed accurately and efficiently.

Contact us for assistance or to enter into a contract for your municipal maintenance assessment needs.