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Materials to Help Municipalities Communicate with Property Owners

Associated Appraisal Consultants (AAC) wants to make your job easier. We provide sample and
ready-to-use materials to help our municipality clients with marketing and communications about
property assessments.

The toolkit is password protected, but below is a sampling of just some of the materials
that are available. We continually update content and take suggestions of things to add.

If you’re a client and need the password to log in, please contact us. We’re also happy to
answer questions!

Resource Previews

Infographic: Your Property’s Valuation Story

This uses an analogy of a book to explain the property assessment process.

Video: What You Can Expect When Your Property is Assessed

This uses the same analogy of a book to explain the property assessment process, but in a short, animated video format.

Video: Understanding Your Property Tax Bill

This short, animated video explains that property taxes aren’t rocket science, but they do require math!

Social Graphic: Fact vs. Fiction About
Property Assessments

This clarifies some common misconceptions about property assessments.

Thumbnail preview for the Open Book Meeting Overview social graphic set

Social Graphic: Open Book Meeting Overview

This explains what to expect at an open book meeting.

Social Graphic: Open Book Meeting Date, Time and Place

This makes it easy to share when your open book meeting will take place and where.