Property Record Questionnaire

This questionnaire is necessary to assist the assessor’s office in determining the attributes and condition of your property for assessment purposes. Please complete this form and provide any supporting documents to help determine your property’s estimated fair market value. If changes were made to the property, please note the start date of the project.

Download this form onto your computer, enter the requested information below, save a filled copy, and email the completed form including any supporting documents (recent appraisals or MLS listings) to the Assessor’s office using the email below:

You may find the “Guide For Property Owners” to be a useful tool. This is published by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and is available below:
If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call us. Our corporate phone is 920-749-1995

Did you Receive a Green Door Hanger?

If you found one of our green door hangers on your door, it's time to call our office. Please contact our office to verify all interior information.

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